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A lively musical experience

"Beside instrumental and technical skills, I like to teach in my classes especially a conciousness that music offers everybody a way of an individual form of expression. One of the main parts in music is its fortune of sentiments - and this is present in everyone.

My job as a teacher is to recognize this kind of musicality in my students and to develop it. No two children are equal and no two children learn at the same step. To develop stylistic diversity as well as the joy of playing music together are the important goals in my varied and lively violin and viola lessons.

The ability to respond to the individual person as an individual, therefore I consider as one of the most beautiful and most challenging aspects of my profession."

I teach children and young people on the violin and viola and string ensemble at the Music School Allschwil and the Music School Windisch.

I also offer private lessons in Basel. Of course all classes are as well for adult students at all levels.